NEWSBYTE: UK smart city Tsar Dr Jacqui Taylor has warned that the cyber security industry “doesn’t have a future” in smart cities, connected systems, and the Internet of Things.

Taylor, an advisor to both the UK and Chinese governments and CEO of data visualisation and IoT company FlyingBinary, was speaking at a Westminster eForum policy event on smart cities.

She said that smart cities demand a rethink about what cyber security and data security should look like in the connected age, and “it can’t be an end-to-end solution”.

As it stands today, the cybersecurity industry “doesn’t have a future”, claimed Taylor, as its command-and-control approach is not suited to securing connected services and smart communities.

What is needed is a more “appropriate and proportional response” – but “that doesn’t mean an open one”, she added.

As a smart city expert and engineer, Taylor’s own focus has become more international in recent years, she said, but at the same time she has been trying to shift the UK’s approach away from ‘technology as an outcome’ to simply being the enabler of better services.

Smart cities should be about shaping the places where people live to deliver better outcomes for them. In this regard, the UK is slipping behind its peers, she said.

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